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Saturday, June 08, 2002

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My Response To the Emails I Have Received To Boycott McDonalds

Approximately 48% of the beef consumed in the U.S. is ground beef. The problem is that the beef carcass does not come in the right proportions compared to what consumers demand. If we did not import some meat that could be ground, we would have to grind more of our higher quality U.S. beef into hamburgers. Each time we have to grind higher quality U.S. beef into hamburger, we lower the overall value of a beef carcass.

If, on the other hand, we can import some beef to be ground that we can use to supplement our cull cow meat, we can market our steer beef as higher quality beef bringing a higher price. In fact, we can export our high-choice and price beef for real price premiums -- all of this adds to the overall average carcass value.

I think this current drive to have more of our U.S. beef ground, is a move in the wrong direction. I would prefer to see more U.S. beef marketed as high choice and prime beef bringing in the bigger bucks. Dollar hamburger beef, which would maybe support $40 cattle and under $50 feeder cattle, will not keep our ranchers operating in today's economic environment. We need more $5/lb beef steaks and prime beef marketed.

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posted by Dr. Harlan Hughes 11:48 AM [edit]

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