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Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Potential Educational Presentations


Harlan Hughes
Professor Emeritus, North Dakota State University

Western Edge Consulting

Below is a list of the Educational Presentations that I am offering consulting clients in year 2002.
An electronic slide set has been developed for each topic and a handout of the slides can be printed and handed out during the presentation. Supporting materials are being posted on , and

1. Making The Post September 11th Cattle Cycle Work For You.

Harlan Hughes will illustrate that the cattle cycle impacts the optimum marketing program. One
marketing program for a complete cattle cycle is not optimum. There is a time during the cattle
cycle to sell calves and there is a time during the cattle cycle to hold your calves. The key is
knowing what to do in the expansion, contraction, and turn-around phases of the cattle cycle. He
will review the projected cattle cycle and its resulting beef price cycle for the rest of this decade.
Profit maximizing strategies will be cussed and discussed by Harlan Hughes.

a. A drought oriented version also available
i. Stan Oneill Kansas Version
b. Role of Information In Beef Cow Profits
i. University Of Maine Presentation
c. Long-Term Beef Cow Culling Strategies
i. Wy Stockgrowers Presentation

2. What Have We Learned From 10 Years Of IRM Cost & Return Analyses?

Harlan Hughes will point out that astute beef cow producers are starting to recognize that more than
just weaning weights are detennining beef cows profits. In today's economic environment, managers
of high-profit herds are also focusing considerable management attention on the economic traits of
their beef cow businesses. In this presentation Harlan will point out that high production, when
coupled with low-unit-costs of production, provide both the necessary and sufficient conditions for
rumiing a high-profit beef cow herd.

3. What Is The Economic Value Of A Bred Heifer?
a. What Is The Economic Value Of A Bred Beef Cows?

4. Current Beef Outlook , Planning Prices And The Implication For Marketing 2001 and 2002 Calves.

5. Change In The Beef Industry.

6. Benchmarking To Increased Beef Cow Profits.

7. Introduction To IRM Beef Cow Cost & Return Analyses.

8. What Does An IRM Cost & Return Analysis Tell You?
a. IRM Workshop II
b. Benchmarking – Yellow Publication (Vet slide set)

If you are interested in having me give a presentation at your conference, contact me at Or call at 307-742-2364 or cell at 701-238-9607.

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