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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Testing Another Posting:

I think I am starting to get this process down better. I am not at all sure how to get other people to access this. I thought it was accessed by entering the address and after another test, that address is right. I now seem to have things working ok.

posted by Dr. Harlan Hughes 9:16 PM [edit]

Monthly Futures Prices:

My last post on cattle prices did not make it through the posting process. I looked at monthly Futures prices and concluded that all prices were down some from a week ago. I think that is expected as the number of slaughter cattle finishing is expected to go up into May and June.

I am going to post this to be sure that I have the posting process down pat.

posted by Dr. Harlan Hughes 12:23 PM [edit]

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

This is my introduction to posting to this web site. My goal is to maintain a diary of periodic thoughts about the economics of the beef industry. My plans are to relate these periodic postings to whatever beef topic I am working on that day. The one common thread that will go through all of my posting will be economic concepts as they apply to the beef cattle industry. My target audience for my posting will be ranchers and beef farmers in the Unitied States and Canada.

My primary monthly activities are writing monthly Market Advisor articles for the BEEF Magazine (, responding to reader questions generated by these articles, posting new information to my web page (, preparing conference slide sets, and delivering educational talks around the U.S. and Canada.

posted by Dr. Harlan Hughes 6:29 PM [edit]

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